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Master Red: The Charizard TCG and Pokemon podcast


Hello Podcast listener, this is Master Red, a Charizard obsessed Pokemon gamer for life with a teaching career with up to date news on all things Pokemon and the Pokemon Trading Card Game. I love teaching and I love pokemon, so I hope that I could inspire you to do what you love. Where does the name come from , what's it inspired by?Master Red: The Charizard TCG and Pokemon podcast, also known as Master Red, is named after Trainer Red in the Pokemon video game series Red and Blue. As a kid from the early 90's my first pokemon game was Red version, and this is where my Charmander/ Charizard line obsession began. Master Red is Trainer Red all grown up, as he would now be 35 years old and would reach the pinnacle of pokemon trainer tier, known as a Pokemon Master. Think, Pokemon began 25 years ago, Trainer Red was ten when he first started as are all pokemon trainers in the series and games, and voila, Trainer Red is now 35 and has 25 years of experience training and battling.Why do I call myself Master Red?With two decades of Pokemon obsession, and use of the Charizard line in every single video game, with specific obsession. See, I never got that Charizard card growing up, no base set luck. It was my chase card since I was 8 years old. The name comes from my heavy use of Charizard in the video game series. From Red Version to Sword and Shield, you will find a level 100 Charizard, trained from level 5 or under in my game. I missed Charizard in Arceus Legends, that was a sad day for me. Current me:Right now goal of my journey is to Master the Charizard line in the Pokemon Trading Card game where once upon a time I could not. Not only so, but to find a niche for the Charizard line and its fire typing in the Pokemon Trading Card game Meta. I am hoping that listeners take deck building advice and become a TCG Champion. So in line with the T.V show, I guess the best name for this Podcast series one is "Master Journeys", a journey to Master the TCG with One Protagonist. Obvious reasons why I cannot take that name, as it's a Pokemon series. Master Red, here to Master Charizard, and the Fire typing, in order to make it a staple in the games. Over and out.